Close to 85%

of consumers

are health conscious and state that knowing restaurants are making healthy menu improvements is important when deciding where to dine.

One in three

health conscious consumers seek out restaurants that use healthy cooking oils.

For diners, HEART HEALTH is the
#1 desired health benefit when eating out.

1Foodservice Experience 2016, The Hartman Group

Using high oleic soybean oil in your bread dipping oil recipes offers diners a better-for-you menu item. Research indicates levels of oleic acid over 70% may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. High oleic soybean oil has oleic acid levels that exceed 70% and can go as high as 75%. As such, the FDA recently

approved a qualified heart health claim for oils high in oleic acid, including high oleic soybean oil. Since both high oleic soybean oil and olive oil have high oleic acid levels, mixing them will not diminish the health benefits of either oil.

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High oleic soybean oil’s neutral flavor profile can improve the taste of olive oil-based dipping oils.

Many dipping oil recipes include ingredients, such as lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, that mask the naturally bitter taste of olive oil. By mixing olive oil with high oleic soybean oil, you can create a lighter, less bitter bread dipping oil that allows the other flavors, herbs, and spices to come through.

Extra virgin olive oil is associated with an Italian flavor profile, but mixing it with high oleic soybean oil and other ingredients can expand your bread dipping oils menu options beyond Italian. High oleic soybean oil complements other herb mixes including Greek oregano, French basil, and even hot chilies!

Bread trends are on the rise

Bread is trending back with restaurants offering artisan breads with meals. Consumers have come to expect the premium breads when they dig into the bread basket. Hand-crafted artisanal bread can set the tone for the entire meal by demonstrating premium quality and attention to detail.

Let the great taste of your premium bread basket shine through by serving it with dipping oils that blend high oleic soybean oil with olive oil. Your diners will experience the full complement of flavors without the taste being overpowered by the oil.

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