Causing a Stir: Asian Food Applications Showcase the Versatility of the Soybean

The versatility of the soybean is on full display in Asian cuisine. A typical stir fry might contain tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, miso, or even whole soybeans themselves. This is just one example among numerous Asian-inspired CPG and foodservice applications. With so many possibilities, Asian dishes, dressings, and sauces present an excellent opportunity to create value for consumers by reformulating with high oleic soybean (HOSoy) oil.

High oleic soybean oil’s neutral flavor and high smoke point make it ideal for Asian foodservice and CPG applications that require a versatile oil that can cook hot, fast, and clean. HOSoy is a high stability cooking oil that excels in applications cooked under high heat. Like conventional soybean oil, it’s also neutral in flavor and color. This allows the taste and aroma of a dish’s main ingredients to be forefront in a consumer’s experience.  

Functionality and sensory tests show that high oleic soybean oils and blends outperform palm, canola, and sunflower oils in frying applications. Reformulating or blending deep frying oils with HOSoy extends fry life, leaves less buildup on cooking equipment, and reduces maintenance. Moreover, the transition to high oleic soybean fry oil is straightforward for formulators and chefs because it has the familiar taste that consumers have come to expect from foods fried in conventional soybean oil.

High oleic soybean oil can replace other cooking oils used in tempura, dim sum dumplings, savory onion pancakes, and more. Furthermore, HOSoy oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. By reformulating fry oils and blends with HOSoy, food manufacturers can reduce saturated fat on labels for fried and frozen Asian foods such as egg rolls, spring rolls, potstickers, and wontons. Fried rice also benefits from high oleic soybean oil’s neutral flavor and stability at high temperatures. Grocery store freezer aisles abound with rice and noodle bowls, all of which can benefit from high oleic soybean oil. As consumers seek healthier, high protein meals, Asian cuisine stands to become more popular. Asian stir fries and salads are healthy ways to incorporate vegetables, oils, and proteins, like fish, tofu, or edamame, into a quick, easy-to-prepare dish.

For all-in-one salad and stir fry kits, high oleic soybean oil is a perfect fit for sauces and dressings. Its neutral taste allows the flavor of soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil to emerge on the palate. For the same reason, HOSoy works effectively in teriyaki and other Asian marinades and dipping sauces. Interested in trying high oleic soybean oil in a CPG or foodservice application? Request a sample.


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