In a test that compared both cake and yeast-raised donuts fried in partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) and commonly used alternatives, the enzymatically interesterified (EIE) high oleic soybean oil outperformed both EIE conventional soybean oil and palm-soy oil blends.

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A sensory panel agreed that EIE high oleic soybean oil produced results most similar to the PHO benchmark for:

  • Color, size, spread, and height
  • Taste
  • Texture and mouthfeel
  • Interior grain
  • Star-center characteristic of cake donuts

The Key Functional Benefits
That Retail Brands Need to Compete.

In addition to enhanced sensory performance, EIE high oleic soybean oil also delivers several functional benefits that can improve sales and profitability for packaged donuts.

Oil Weeping

Donuts fried in EIE high oleic soybean oil produce less oil weeping than palm-soy blends and EIE conventional soy oils. Oil weeping produces an oily, possibly soggy taste and mouthfeel. Additionally, it can lead to inconsistent covering of toppings, including powdered sugar—one of the top coatings for packaged donuts. Excessive weeping over time results in greasy and stained packaging, which is unattractive to consumers.

With EIE high oleic soybean oil, oil weeping levels are closest to PHOs for both cake and yeast donuts. This results in a comparable, non-oily taste and mouthfeel, consistent performance of glazes and toppings, and an attractive appearance on-shelf.

Shelf Life

High oleic soybean oil offers superior resistance to oxidation, which extends flavor stability and shelf life. Testing shows the stability of EIE high oleic soybean oil is most similar to PHO standards.

Longer flavor stability and product shelf life translates into higher consumer satisfaction and improved loss prevention, especially for items like donuts, where depending on the retail channel and distribution challenges, products may stay on-shelf longer than 48 hours.

Other functional benefits include:

  • Decreased polymerization on fryers for extended deep clean intervals
  • Increased fry life for high oil yield
  • Guaranteed to be 100% U.S. grown for consistent performance
  • Grown sustainably, ensuring the best agricultural practices

A Classic Indulgence

Whether it’s a planned trip to a bakery or an impulse purchase at retail, Americans love donuts. More than 62% of Americans say they try to eat healthy most or all of the time, but 85% admit they give in to more than half of their cravings. When they do indulge, close to 21% choose donuts and sweet breakfast goods.

A donut is a classic indulgence: a treat that is consumed purely for pleasure with few health benefits. Nearly 39% of Americans consume a classic indulgence treat 2-3 times a week and 30% indulge 4-5 times a week.

Improving the sensory experience for consumers can drive more sales of donuts when they seek a classic indulgence.

Sell more donuts by
Making the experience worth the indulgence

Replicate the functionality and sensory standards of PHOs with EIE high oleic soybean oil and deliver the appearance, taste, texture, and mouthfeel consumers want when they indulge in donuts.

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And give your donut buyers the classic indulgence they want!
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