Packaged salads appeal to consumers seeking convenience without sacrificing flavor or quality, and the appeal spans age groups. Boomers eat salads for health management, while millennials choose salads as balance.

Sales of packaged salads have increased by 6.5% per year since 2011.1 However, while sales of packaged salads are growing, sales of prepared salad dressings are flat. There is slight growth in refrigerated dressings, with an increase of 2.2%, but it is offset by a 2.2% dip in sales of shelf stable dressings.2

About 65% of consumers

look for functional benefits from the food they purchase.

A large majority, 93%, agree

that a healthy diet is important to maintain good health.

About 45% of U.S. consumers

use a combination of food choices and medicines to manage their heart and cardio health.

Kerry Foods Research, 2019

Consumers look for healthy foods

“Heart Health” is the #1 health feature

consumers seek out when they are grocery shopping.3

Reformulating shelf stable dressings with heart-healthy high oleic soybean (HOSoy) oil can help recapture lost sales by appealing to consumers who enjoy fresh salads for health management.

HOSoy is the
heart-healthy oil

The FDA authorized the use of a qualified health claim for oils with 70% or more oleic acid citing a reduced risk of coronary heart disease when replacing oils higher in saturated fats. High oleic soybean oil has consistent oleic acid levels of 70% and goes as high as 75%. The heart-healthy claim can be added to the labels of qualifying high oleic soybean oil-containing products.

High oleic soybean oil is a heart-healthy formulation choice for salad dressings.

HOSoy oil offers key benefits to manufacturers as well.

Improved Shelf Life:

High oleic soybean oil can extend the shelf life and flavor of refrigerated, shelf-stable, and packet dressings when compared to commodity soy and canola oil-based dressings. In fact, shelf stability at room temperature would be significantly increased when reformulating with HOSoy, a definite advantage for dressings sold on grocery shelves, as well as grocery salad bars. Dressings made with high oleic soybean oil will taste fresher longer with less concern about off-flavors forming when the dressing sits out for a period of time.

Neutral Flavor Profile:

High oleic soybean oil features a neutral flavor profile, allowing the true and natural flavors of dressing ingredients to stand out.

Clean Label:

HOSoy offers food manufacturers the ability to remove natural and synthetic antioxidants that are often added to edible oils used in food applications to control oxidation and extend product shelf life. While these food-grade chemicals have been used successfully and safely for years, the use of high oleic soybean oil eliminates the need for such additives.

Close to 73% of U.S. consumers

say it’s essential to support domestic agriculture with food purchases.

Close to 60% of consumers

identify sustainable food production as a key purchase driver for them, up from 50% in 2017.

Close to 73% of U.S. consumers

want to eat foods produced using methods and practices that contribute to the long-term health of the environment.

2018 Food & Health Survey, International Food Information Council Foundation

HOSoy oil is 100%
U.S.-Grown using sustainable practices.

High oleic soybean oil allows food manufacturers to reformulate with a U.S.-grown, sustainable ingredient that shoppers desire, and qualifying products can be labeled as “U.S.-grown” and “heart healthy.”

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1Nielsen Perishables Group
2IRI Data
3The Hartman Group Health and Wellness, 2017


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