A Simple Switch,
An Eye-Catching New Label

See how high oleic soybean oil helps CPG brands
build better labels that resonate with customers.

What is High Oleic Soybean Oil?

A heart-healthy, sustainable, and U.S.-grown ingredient, high oleic soybean oil is more functional and versatile than commodity oils.

A majority of consumers view foods made with soy as healthy and are even willing to pay more for better-for-you foods.

An easy drop-in-replacement for many oils, switching to high oleic soybean oil not only improves the perception of a food as healthy, it also adds some eye-catching new claims to packaging.

Nearly 3/4 of consumers
say it is important to support domestic agriculture by purchasing foods made with U.S.-grown ingredients.

57% of

who find it important to buy foods made with U.S.-grown ingredients also check the label to see what type of oil is being used.

A majority of U.S. adults
would be more likely to purchase a salad dressing if the label indicated heart healthy benefits.

54% of

say they seek food products that contain soy.

62% of

are more likely to purchase a vegetable oil that is labeled as heart healthy.

41% of

are just as likely, some are even more likely, to purchase vegetable oil labeled as 100% U.S.-grown soybean oil.

Most U.S. adults
believe it is important that the foods they consume are sustainable.

48% of

believe soybean oil is sustainable.

A heart-healthy and sustainable option.

Making the switch to high oleic soybean oil is easy. A heart-healthy and sustainable oil solution, soybean oil is a simple switch that offers CPG brands an opportunity to align with what customers are seeking and reach a growing market for sustainable and functional foods.

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