In a 12-month test of buttercream frosting evaluating partially hydrogenated shortening against commonly used alternatives, high oleic soybean shortening outperformed palm-soy blends, conventional soybean, and high oleic canola shortenings. High oleic soybean shortening produced the taste, texture, and spreadability that are most similar to the PHO industry standard.

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Measured against PHO shortening, high oleic soybean shortening delivered:

  • The most similar viscosity for comparable spreading and piping functionality
  • The most similar specific gravity (0.8-0.95 g/ml) for a non-greasy mouthfeel 
  • Greater temperature working range, including spreadability in cooler temperatures

All the functionality
of PHO shortening

Icings and frostings made with high oleic soybean shortening provide all the functionality bakers need to produce cakes, cupcakes, and iced pastries your customers have come to crave.

  • Superior spreadability makes frosting cakes easy for experts and novices
  • Frosting that is easy to pipe and holds its shape
  • Frosting and icing that does not firm up too quickly, so edible ink transfers and ground nuts and candy sprinkle decorations adhere easily

With a neutral flavor profile and pure white color, frosting made with high oleic soybean shortening delivers a consistent base for frostings. In addition, it has similar emulsification properties to PHO frostings, so standard and custom colors are easily incorporated with no off-colors or unwanted striations.

  • Neutral flavor base complements exotic and classic flavors 
  • Provides consistent color and appearance
  • Holds colors very well in typical colored frosting and icing formulations

Consumers Want
Healthy indulgence

All-day dessert is a growing trend, and close to 29% of consumers say they are increasingly eating better-for-you desserts.² Using high oleic soybean shortening for icings and frostings helps you deliver healthier alternatives, whether your customers are having cake after a meal, cupcakes for a snack, or mindful muffins for breakfast. 

Switching to high oleic soybean shortening provides a healthier option:

  • 0 grams trans fat
  • Lower saturated fat
  • 3X the beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) compared to conventional soybean oil

Switch to high oleic soybean shortening

to create icings and frostings that provide the functionality you need 
and the taste, texture, and mouthfeel your customers desire.

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