Diners are craving creative salads for lunch and dinner entrées. Made-to-order gourmet salads target several foodservice trends.

  1. They’re made with fresh ingredients that are often locally sourced.
  2. They are convenient for grab-and-go lunch customers.
  3. When you add protein, they fit into popular diet plans like keto, Atkins, and paleo.
  4. Depending on the add-ons and dressing, they can appeal to diners looking for low calorie and low fat meals.

Reformulating salad dressings with heart-healthy high oleic soybean (HOSoy) oil will appeal to consumers who enjoy fresh salads for healthy diet.

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HOSOY oil is a
Heart-Healthy Oil.

High oleic soybean oil is a heart-healthy formulation choice for salad dressings.

0 grams trans fat, lower saturated fat, 3x the beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS) compared to conventional soybean oil, and 70% or higher oleic acid levels

HOSoy oil offers key benefits to chefs as well.

Improved Shelf-Life:

When compared to salad dressings made with commodity soy and canola oils, those made with high oleic soybean oil have an extended shelf life, whether packed in 32-ounce bottles, gallons, or single-serve packets.

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In fact, shelf stability at room temperature is significantly increased when using high oleic soybean oil. This offers an advantage for dressings sold in volume to foodservice and dressings used in salad bars. Dressings made with high oleic soybean oil will taste fresher longer with less concern about off-flavors forming when they sit out for a period of time.

Neutral Flavor Profile:

High oleic soybean oil features a neutral flavor profile, allowing the true and natural flavors of dressing ingredients to stand out.

HOSoy oil is 100% U.S.-grown
using sustainable practices.

Close to 73% of U.S. consumers

said it’s essential to support domestic agriculture with food purchases.


is also of growing importance to U.S. consumers, with close to 60% identifying sustainable food production a key purchase driver for them, up from 50% in 2017.1

100% of high oleic soybean oil

is produced in the U.S. by American farmers committed to sustainability.

12018 Food & Health Survey, International Food Information Council Foundation

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