American Shoppers look for heart healthy claims.

The number of Americans with high LDL cholesterol is 71 million and growing, while more than 15 million have coronary heart disease1.

About 45% manage their heart and cardio health1 with a combination of food choices and prescriptions.

It’s no surprise that “heart health” is the #1 health feature consumers seek out2 when they are grocery shopping.

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The success of these brands and retailers shows that relabeling vegetable oil to indicate 100% Soybean Oil and including hearty heathy claims can boost sales.

  • A Midwest supermarket with 230+ locations grew unit sales 27% by promoting its store brand vegetable oil as U.S. grown 100% soybean oil.
  • When Goya Foods added 100% soybean oil to their label, they realized a 22% increase in unit sales.
  • Northgate Gonzalez Market, a 40-store chain in southern California, saw at 33% sales increase by adding 100% soybean oil and heart healthy claims to their vegetable oil label.

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Soybean oil is the heart healthy choice.

Soybean oil offers more healthier advantages than other cooking vegetable oils.

Soybean oil is U.S.-grown using sustainable practices.

Close to 78% of U.S. consumers believe it’s essential to support domestic agriculture with food purchases. Additionally, more than 55% say knowing where their food comes from is a key factor in their purchase decisions.

Soybeans are the largest crop grown on U.S. soil by American farmers committed to sustainability. Conversely, the top three countries producing canola oil are Canada, China, and India.

Sustainability is also of growing importance to U.S. consumers, with nearly 60% saying that supporting sustainable food production is key for them, up from 50% in 2017.

American consumers can trust our country’s soybean farmers to employ sustainability practices that reduce soil erosion and greenhouse gases, as well as land and energy use.


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