With 86% of Americans eating fried chicken at least once a month, it’s no secret we love fried chicken.1

Fast casual and QSR operations are responding to the demand. Of the 100 biggest restaurant chains in the U.S., three out of the top five are chicken concepts.2

Adding a signature fried chicken item, like potato chip encrusted chicken, to your summer menu can help draw patrons to your location. Switch to high oleic soybean (HOS) oil for frying and offer your diners a better-tasting fried chicken with a healthier profile.

  • 0 grams trans fat
  • Lower saturated fat
  • 3X the beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) compared to conventional soybean oil
  • Lower calories – potentially a 9-11% reduction in calories compared to chicken fried in commodity oil

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U.S. consumers choose chicken 
over other proteins

Per capita consumption of chicken is estimated to be more than 93 pounds in
2018, compared to about 58 pounds for beef and 52 pounds for pork.3

according to the July 2018 national chicken council survey:


Of respondents eat chicken


Had ordered chicken from a foodservice operation in the two weeks prior


The number of times respondents ordered chicken during that timeframe


Plan on eating the same amount – or more (19%) – in the future

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summer menus

Consumers savor the classic recipe but also enjoy trying other flavors. Mix it up with an LTO like pickle, buffalo, cayenne or ghost pepper, Nashville hot, or sweet heat fried chicken. Experiment with growing trends in International flavors like Korean spicy-sweet, Japanese karaage, or Indian “Chicken 65” fried chicken recipes.

When you use flavor-neutral high oleic soybean oil, the true flavor comes through, so you are assured of delivering the great taste your patrons crave.

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Plus, High Oleic Soybean Oil Delivers
Benefits to Your Prep Process:

Switch to High Oleic Soybean Oil and add the delicious fried chicken items consumers crave to your menu today!

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