Making Snacks Shine: High Oleic Soybean Oil Lends Appeal to Baked Goods

When sprayed onto crackers and other snacks after baking, high oleic soybean oil gives baked goods a pleasing, shiny appearance and improves shelf life. Tests show that high oleic soybean oil is stable and performs as well as or better than PHOs and other oils in a wide range of baking and frying applications, including as a spray for baked snacks.

Individual-sized packages of crackers and other snacks often have a transparent wrapper to entice the shopper with an inviting visual experience. An eye-catching, delicious-looking product can make the difference in a shopper’s purchase decision, and spray oils can make snacks stand out on the shelf. Making snacks shine requires an oil that is highly stable, resistant to rancidity, and neutral in flavor – like high oleic soybean oil.

High oleic soybean oil is desirable for its superior oxidative stability as a spray oil for snacks like baked crackers. In a six-month shelf stability and sensory study of spray oils on baked crackers, high oleic soybean oil outperformed other oils, including high oleic canola and sunflower oils, palm olein, and even PHOs. A sensory panel of trained evaluators determined that the crackers sprayed with high oleic soybean oil surpassed other spray oils in preserving optimal crispiness, flavor, and appearance. Whereas palm olein, mid-oleic sunflower, and high oleic canola oils developed rancid notes over time, the crackers sprayed with high oleic soybean oil became stale before any rancidity could be detected.

A fine spray of oil on crackers and other snacks immediately after baking also creates an ideal surface for applying dry ingredients. Powders, seasonings, and other non-liquid flavorings can better stick to snacks if a light spray of oil is used right before application. High oleic soybean oil is flavor-neutral, making it the ideal spray oil to allow the desired flavor of snacks to shine through.

Commercial availability of high oleic soybean oil is expected to rapidly increase over the next decade. Soybean farmers are expected to triple their planting of high oleic soybeans in the next three years alone. If you’re ready to try high oleic soybean oil in your own applications, request a sample today.  


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